"My experience with Jacarina was life changing. I had an actual breakthrough and was able to identify some core issues that I had no idea were holding me back from giving and receiving love in a healthy way. Our time together was priceless. Now, a couple months later I’m still coming to terms with how immensely she helped me. I realize that we all have different needs and our experiences will vary, but if there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that you’ll be in good hands with her.  I can’t wait for our next reiki and meditation session, to just keep learning from her overall. She’s truly 1 of 1. I highly recommend."


                                    Maryann Vasquez

"Having Jacarina as my reiki healer this time around made this experience so much more amazing. I felt like my energy prior to this session was very off and needed some balance. While she performed the reiki I could instantly begin feeling my energies shifting and by the time she was done it was like a feeling of peace had come over me and all was well! She gave me so much information afterwards on what I had experienced to help me better understand and she was right on with everything I was feeling."

Keesha M.