Winter Skin Blues

3 products to add to your winter skincare routine to bring back hydrated, moisturized and glowing skin.

So it's officially winter here in New England, thanks polar vortex for confirming it! With temperatures dropping below 20 degrees ,the cold weather can take a toll on our bodies and  especially on our skin. If you suffer from dry skin like myself, this means flaky and crackling from the dry cold air and our skin needing extra moisture and protection.

For a little insight about me, I am very into skin care.  Now in my early 30’s, I’ve become super regimented with my daily skincare routine. When I was younger, this was not the case. In my early 20’s I was not always great about washing off my makeup after a long night of partying, let alone drinking enough water. Oh and lets not forget slathering on baby oil for my summertime golden glow. I literally cringe at the thought of these things I did. Since then, those horrible habits have been replaced with better and more nurturing ones. Instead of caking up on make-up  I’m now a fan of little to no make-up for my daily look.Don’t get me wrong, this girl loves a good highlighter and a bold lip, but with being at the gym most days it's just not my lifestyle and nothing can replace having beautiful glowing skin. Over the years, I really became diligent about taking care of my face, having a daytime and night time routine, and giving my skin a little TLC every week or so.

First and foremost, understanding that our skin has different needs during each season is key. For me, I have dry skin all year round. However, the winter season is difficult for me because of my, dry flaky patches. This winter by far has been the worst.  About 4 weeks ago I made a 911 run to Sephora, ready to breakdown because of how painfully dry my skin was. Luckily their staff is so well informed. The associate that helped me directed me to some amazing products that have transformed my skin. The first week  or so, I used everything as she recommended. Once my skin calmed down, I brought back my own skin care staples and have made a new routine for the winter. Voila!

These new products have drastically changed the look and feel of my skin.

Some of you may be struggling as badly as I was with severe dryness and some of you may be just needing to get a little glow back to your skin. Either way, one of these three products might be exactly what you might be looking for.

***these are my honest reviews and experience with each product. I purchased all these products myself . I was not give these products and  am not sponsored by any of these companies***

GLOW RECIPE - Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask

This is my first time incorporating a sleeping mask and let me tell you, this is game changer! This avocado based mask will hydrate and brighten your skin overnight. Oleic acid and Linoleic acid from the avocado will help restore moisture and collagen in the skin. Manuka honey provides the antioxidants and soothing properties to revitalize. This mask is also great for ALL skin types not just dry. It is recommended to apply the mask 2 times per week at bedtime after cleansing.  I followed this on my first week, however I’m only using the mask once per week now and I can still see the benefits.If you’re just looking to brighten and bring some glow back to your dull skin this would be the one product I recommend for you.

FARMACY- Clean Bee Ultra Gentle facial Cleanser

This is a natural base face cleanser that is ultra gentle and soothing. I apply it while my skin is dry and gradually lather it. My skin feels super clean without the dryness that comes from foaming washes. This is because Clean Bee contains hyaluronic acid, antioxidant rich Echinacea GreenEnvy ™ Honey helps maintain the skin’s natural moisture barrier.  It’s formulated with a blend of soothing turmeric, chamomile, calendula, aloe and licorice root. I love using it for my night time routine because the smell of the honey and botanical blend is so soothing and relaxing.

DR. JART+ Ceramidin Cream

This has quickly become my go-to night cream and sometimes even my daytime moisturize when I feel I need extra protection against harsher weather days. This cream is supercharged with 5-cera complex that helps visibly strengthen your skin and shield from water and moisture loss. This cream is great for dry scabs (which is what I had on my chin guys!), dry patches, itchiness or any irritated skin because the ceramics are our skin’s natural protection barrier. The ceramidin in our skin, are composed of intercellular lipids that act as our skin’s defense against environmental aggressors. It’s also great for anyone with sensitive skin because this product has no added fragrances or coloring.

I have been loving all 3 products, they have aided in bringing back moisture and brightness to my skin during this harsh weather. If you are struggling with dry, irritated skin or lost that glow we all love, then give these products a try.

Do you have any skincare products you're loving this winter? I would love to know, please share in the comments below. Stay tune for staple products and how I slow down my routine to apply them.

In Love and Light,