"New Year New Me"

Tired of New Year's Resolutions coming and going every year without any results?

Here are 4 Steps to help you Align with and Achieve Your 2019 Goals

achieving your goals with 4 steps

Now that the year has entered and the champagne is out the system, it is time to talk about about your goals for this new chapter. You began January 1st with such high hopes, ready to transform every aspect of your life with a feeling of invincibility. Yet by February 1st, you simplified the list or already threw in the towel.  You started tackling your goals in full force then slowly started to lose steam. Maybe you’re not seeing your results as quickly as you imagined or maybe just feel overwhelmed by it all.

I’ve been there before, with MANY of my New Year’s resolutions, but I’ve learned a few lessons and tools along the way that I want to share with you. These 4 steps will help us all take charge of 2019 and crush goals like never before!  Even if you’ve fallen behind on your goals for the year, don’t fear, you can still get back on track!

1.Get Clear.. Crystal Clear

The first step is to get clear on all your goals. By getting clear, I mean writing down all the details! It is proven science that by writing down our goals, we are 42% more likely to achieve them. (Yesss pulls out pen and paper stat! )

Write them all down, no matter how big the goal might feel, it just needs to feel possible to you. Not sure where to begin, then think about these areas of your life; Health, Relationships & Love, Career, Financial freedom, and Time freedom. Examples of goals might be to lose 100 lbs.,  Pay off $50,000 in student loans, or buy your first home. Maybe it is just getting to work on time everyday so you’re not road raging and feeling anxious every morning. No goal is too big or too small.

For every goal, write down what it would feel like once you’ve accomplished that goal; what your life would look like, and who would be affected by these goals? Imagine it all down to the paint color for that new house or seeing a zero balance on the statement of your student loans. Thoroughly visualize it, let your imagination take over. Think of when you order your favorite coffee beverage, everyone gets specific on that, but can’t get specific about what they want in their life… Hello!  Almond milk latte no sugar extra milk thanks.

Once you have all your goals down in detail, it is now time to break them down into smaller milestones. For example, losing 100 lbs can sound very daunting, but once you divide it by 52 weeks in a year, its less than 2 lbs per week. Feels more doable right? Same goes for all goals. You definitely want to keep your eyes on the big picture, however, it’s the smaller milestone goals the will help build you up to your big picture goal.

2. Make Time & Space (Prepare for Goals)

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. We have all heard this, and well, this statement is very true. After you’ve decided on your goals, it’s now time to take action to get things done.  

Let’s take the goal of a 100 lbs weight lose. We acknowledge physical activity must come into play to aid in achieving this goal. Now find the time that works best for you to get in a workout at home or the gym and take the steps to prepare yourself.

For example, if you’re planning to hit the gym before work, leave clothes out the night before, for work and the gym. Set your alarm for the time you will need and set your phone away from your reach. Perhaps it’s across the room or the adjoining bathroom. The reason for this is to stop you from snoozing through your entire morning and forcing you to get up to turn off your alarm . Once you are up, congratulations! You have just completed what most consider the hardest part (woo hoo!) getting up early. Your clothes are also ready to go, so there’s no wasting time digging through your closet. Once you’re back home, your outfit for work is ready to go as well. Same actions go for evening workouts. Pack your gym bag the night before and leave it by the door, so there’s no way of forgetting it in the morning.

3. Find Support

Share your goals with those that are your biggest supports. By talking about your goals with others, you are reinforcing the belief around achieving them. You are putting the desires in to the universe and showing you are serious about it. The other major perk of sharing our goals is now we have some accountability!

Being held accountable shines an honest light on your efforts towards your goals. It is easy to fall into the pattern of putting things off for later, tomorrow or next week when we have no one to hold us to our plan of action. That support can come from your partner, family member or bestie, even a coworker. Whoever you choose, just make sure it is someone that is going to have access to the truth of what you’re up to and that you feel obligated to be honest with. Also, note that they have to be someone you have contact with on a regular bases.

If you do not have someone in your life that is supportive of your goals, it’s ok. Try to find a local group/network/ club of people that are striving for the same things. For example, if your goal is to buy your first home, plug into a “first time home buyers” group. You’d  be surprised by all the networks and events going on around you once begin to look. If you’re really wanting to pull out all the stops and get someone that can really push you towards your goals, then invest (key word) in a Life Coach or find a Mentor.

4. Have a No Excuse Mindset

“You can have excuses or success, but you can not have both”.

Will the journey be easy? Probably not. Will you feel like doing what needs to get done everyday? Definitely not. Will you feel good after getting it done though? Absolutely.  Will stepping out of your comfort zone feel freaking scary? Yes. Yes. OMG Yes.

Have unwavering faith in your goals and what you are capable of achieving. Keep your eye on that end result. Know your are going to have tough movements where you don’t FEEL like doing something, but it’s not about how you feel, it’s about what you want to achieve.

A year from now you will either have what you’ve always had or what you really want. This will be the result of your actions, no one else's. So why not make them the best results possible?!

There are hundreds of other steps you can use to achieve your goals, however these 4 are the ones that I believe will give you and myself a solid foundation towards accomplishing our 2019 kick-ass year. I chose these steps because they will align you with your goals through your words, actions and energy. Stay intentional with all you do, show the universe you are serious about who you want to become and what you want to accomplish this year.

I would love to hear which step resonated with you! Please like and share!

In love and light,



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