80's Babe, Baby

Taking trends from the 80's and giving it a modern twist for a fun night out.

When we think of 80’s fashion we think teased hair using endless cans of hairspray, shoulder pads to the high heavens, and neon colors to name a few trends. Yes most of these trends were hideous, but some never left like sequins and some faded then returned, the fanny pack.. I’m still not a fan. Overall the 80’s were all about being bold with your style, rocking eye catching pieces for everyday looks, colorful makeup and voluminous hair. I decided to take a page from this decade for a night out. So here’s my modern take on fusing that boldness with today’s silhouettes.

Don't be afraid to pull in metallic pieces to stand out from the rest. These copper skinny jeans were the base of the outfit and everything else was to highlight them.

Topshop Joni Metallic Jeans (Copper)

The cheetah print belt helped break the matching tones of the sweater and pants, along with defining my waistline in the heavy knit sweater. The gold caged wristlet was the standout accessory for the night, jewelry was kept very minimalist.

Topshop Metallic Stripe Sweater - available at Nordstrom

Express Mini Buckel Belt (cheetah print)

Like Dreams Round Cage Wristlet

Christian Louboutin So Kate Pump - available at Barneys and Nordstom

Classic Black pump to tie it all together. No sparkles needed here, lol.

In Love and Light,