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Who am I?

A Latina, who has found her purpose helping other women embody their highest self by being in control of their of healing journey.  My job is to create a nurturing container and let you connect with your truth. I'm a Reiki conduit, meditation teacher and intuitive, a vessel for the highest power. My background in fitness as a CPT brings me full circle to teach mind, body, spirit connection. Having gone through my own transformation on all levels, I now work helping others do the same.  

My goal is to inspire and empower. For you to know that your journey is your own. Regardless of what mistakes you believe you have made or who society tries tell you to be. We are all exactly who we need to be at this very moment. So join me on this journey of self discovery, love and creativity.  

Fun facts: I love my cup of café & all things peanut butter. Balance for me is meditation and twerking! 

In love & light,


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